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The essence of the Gospel is service. Every man and woman attains his highest dignity when they draw near to their brothers and sisters in service. The Servants of Mary, Ministers to the Sick, see Jesus Christ in the sick and dying, whom we meet in their own homes. Are you called to become a Servant of Mary? Take this short survey, and you will receive a personal response from me, Sr. Elizabeth Miles, S. de M., or Sr. Cecilia Lopez, S. de M., Vocation Directors. Your email and other information will be kept confidential and will not be given away, rented, or sold to anyone outside of our Congregation.
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How important is your Catholic faith to you?
What is your state in life?
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What is your overall condition of your health: physical, emotional and psychological?
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Do you have an interest in becoming a religious sister?
Do you feel attracted to a life of prayer?
How is your prayer experience when it comes to religious life?
Do you think you might have an interest in continuing the healing mission of Christ by visiting the sick at their bedside, in their homes?
Are you open to living in a multi-cultural community and learning other languages?
How is your relationship with your parents, brothers and sisters?
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Are you free from debt, dependents or responsibilities that would keep you from freely responding to your vocation?
Would you be interested in attending a discernment retreat with us?
Do you live in the U.S. ? if so, please provide address.
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Any comments? What are your thoughts about religious life?
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