Nimble Adapter Request
If you are wanting to design your own please first find the model of the Nimble at Design your model and come back here to submit it so that we can let others know about it. Or you can contact us and we will take care of the distribution.

Make a request for an adapter to setup the Nimble on your printer, if you can supply links to any data sheets it will help make it happen faster.

Printer details
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Printer URL
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Hotend Name/Type
If it is a different hot end than standard for that model printer, which hot end is it exactly?
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Hotend URL
Please add the link to that hot end, if you have it.
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Model or Datasheet links
Any additional information you think is relevant for the design of the adapter.
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In case you want us to contact you about the adapter. Otherwise it is up to you to contact us.
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