RSVP for Science Policy workshop on Influencing Congress: How to Write a Policy Memo
Scientists are excellent at making judgment calls based on primary evidence. We do it every day when we read papers and incorporate new findings into our experiments or review a study and think "That experiment wasn't well controlled at all!". These skills are worth their weight in gold in the halls of Congress, the PA State Capitol, and City Hall. What scientists need, though, is the ability to translate that into a form that policymakers can use when they're writing laws. That's where PSPDG's 2020 Science Policy programming comes in!

Join PSPDG, winners of the national 2019 NSPN-JSPG Memo Competition, as we discuss the currency of the policymaking world: policy memos. We'll explain what they are, how they work, how to make one, and how to make it as effective and useful as possible! We'll go over examples and guide participants in group exercises. Interested participants are encouraged to join a small memo-writing team afterwards to participate in the 2020 NSPN-JSPG competition with mentoring from our award-winning 2019 team.

Workshop held in BRB 253 (Biomedical Research Building II/III, 421 Curie Boulevard, Philadelphia, PA 19104) from 12pm-1:30pm. Food will be served! Feel free to come with your own policy memo topic ideas; we're also happy to provide examples.
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