Supervisor experience
Konstkåren student union is currently looking into the subject of student experience of supervisors during thesis writing. This research includes all students that write bachelor, master, major or doctoral thesis.

The research is non mandatory and anonymous. The participator can cancel their participation at any time.
If you have any questions please contact:

Thank you for your participation and help to improve the education!
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Semester of the thesis *
Level of thesis that was supervised *
About the course
Strongly disagree
Strongly agree
Course instructions were clear and the content was well organized and well planned
Course workload was appropriate
The stress level in the course was low
The student work environment in the course was good
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About the supervisor
Strongly disagree
Strongly agree
It has been easy for me to understand my supervisor
My supervisor understands me and my conditions
My supervisor took into account my prior knowledge
My supervisor understood my vision
Supervisor was good at instructing
Meetings with the supervisor were clear and well organized
Supervisor was easy to get hold of and had time for meetings with me
Supervisor was available and helpful
The supervisor helped me bring the work closer to the goal
The supervisor was knowledgable in the subject I wrote about
I felt like my supervisor was well informed about the supervisor assignment and understood what it was about
I felt like others students supervisors worked in a different way than my supervisor did
I felt like there was a difference between the way my supervisor worked and how other students supervisors worked
Clear selection
Describe positive experiences with your supervisor
Describe negative experiences with your supervisor
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