Parking in the Sydney CBD
Meriton Parking manage two prime location Central CBD carparks. They are currently looking at turning these carparks into motorcycle/scooter specific parking sites.

The sites are located at:
• 234 Sussex street (entry via Cunningham Lane)
• 4-10 Campbell street (entry via Druitt lane)

Meriton have reached out to the MCC of NSW to get a better understanding of our motorcycle members needs for parking in the city and if there is a need for motorcycle bays in these two regions of the CBD.

Please complete this survey to help with getting additional locations for us to park our Bikes/Scooters in the city, especially as Sydney City Council continues to reduce CBD roadside parking locations for Motorbikes and Scooters!
1. Do you currently or in the NEAR future require Motorbike/scooter parking in Sydney CBD between 4-7 days per week?
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2. If your answer to the above question is yes, where do you park your motorcycle/scooter presently?
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3. Do you currently experience issues with finding parking for your motorbike or scooter in Sydney CBD?
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4. Which area of the CBD do you need to be within day-to-day?
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5. What costs would you expect to pay for 24/7 access to your parking bay with multiple entries and exits allowed per day?
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6. What additional services would you like to see within your carpark?
7. Are you reluctant to park your motorcycle/scooter in the CBD as it could be damaged or stolen?
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8. If you answered Yes to Question 7, would you prefer to use a paid secured parking spot?
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