Travelling Toastie Program '18-19 not yet open
This incentive program is currently suspended prior to agreement and relaunch at the District Council 16th September 2018

Find a club to visit, any club! You aren’t limited to your area, division or even your district. The only stipulation is that in order for the visit to count towards the TTP it cannot be a club you are a current member of and it cannot be a club under your jurisdiction as an Area or Division Director. Area and Division Directors can still participate by visiting clubs outside of their jurisdiction. (only one visit to a club will be counted towards your TTP progress per Toastmasters year.)

Contact the club if you would like to sign up for a role, otherwise you can just show up!
If you are using our online form, then include a visiting club officers email address for verification. Or print the Travelling Toasties’ Visits Form, fill out the top section and bring it along for your visit (make sure to get the clubs VPE or other officer sign the form for you.)

At the meeting observe, participate, and have a good time! Submit your completed form online and press SUBMIT - OR email copy of printed form to …

Points awarded for taking on various tasks and roles. Bonus points if you participate at a club with a membership less than 15. When you have submitted 3 completed forms, you will be noted, on our website and newsletters, as a District 71 Travelling Toastie!

Deadline: Closed

All District 71 Travelling Toasties will be recognised at the end of the year on the D71 website and awarded a pin/certificate/similar for their accomplishments. The Travelling Toastie from each division with the most points will receive a special award.

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Travelling Toastie Agreement
To earn the District 71 Travelling Toastie Award, I understand that I need to visit at least 3 clubs, of which I am not a member as of the date of my visit. If serving as an Area or Division Director, I can only receive credit for visiting clubs outside my Area or Division of responsibility, respectively. I also understand I cannot receive credit for multiple visits to the same club. Forms must be submitted between July 1st 2017 & March 15th 2018.
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