2018 Young Farmers and Ranchers Summer Leadership Conference
Georgia Farm Bureau Young Farmers and Ranchers are 'Gaining Ground' this July in Jekyll Island. Open to all Georgia YF&R members (18-35), the annual summer conference is a great opportunity to meet members from around the state, attend educational workshops in areas such as leadership development, financial planning, advocacy, urban agriculture, & current industry trends, participate and/or watch the state level competitive events (Discussion Meet, Excellence in Agriculture, Achievements Award), and learn first-hand how our YF&R members are Gaining Ground in our industry and in our organization.

Join your state YF&R Committee in Jekyll Island, Georgia July 19-21, 2018 as we learn how we can continue cultivating change and gaining ground as young agriculturalists!

Registration for the 2018 Summer Leadership Conference is $75.00/per person.

This registration form will be submitted per attendee/attendee couple. (i.e. John Smith {or} John & Mary Smith)

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We will be having a buffet dinner, ice cream, and lots of family-friendly and adult-friendly games and activities. There will also be a separate food option for the children.
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Individual attendees registering have the option to ROOM SHARE. If this YF&R member is interested in room sharing, they will be matched with a same gender member from around Georgia that has also chosen to room share. This is a great way to split the cost of lodging! As registrations come in, the office managers will be notified of individuals looking to room share.
What does the YF&R Member hope to gain/learn/receive from the 2018 'Gaining Ground' YF&R Summer Leadership Conference? (optional)
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Registration is $75.00 per person (18-35 years old). Children 17 and younger are free. Registration closes JUNE 1, 2018.
Registration invoices will be sent in batches to each county Office Manager that has registered YF&R members for the conference.
Checks should be made payable to GFB, Inc. Payment must be received by June 15, 2018. Please send at ATTN: HALEY DARBY/Field Services
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