Faofaou Commission Form
Hello and welcome!

I'm Faofaou, an artist. Thank you so much for considering to commission me! Your support will help me earn during this hard times, as well as help me improve my art and become better ^_^
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Terms and Conditions
1. Full payment must be made before you receive the commissioned piece(s). A down payment of at least half the total price is required before I start on the commission.
2. I am allowed to reject the commission if the subject will make me uncomfortable or if the complexity of the piece will take too long to make, among other reasons.
3. I will send a sketch first and will require a confirmation before moving on to the next steps (lineart and coloring). I will accept one or two revisions only throughout the duration of the commission process. Additional changes are subject to additional fees.
4. I will be sending the commission confirmation, invoices, payment confirmation, and the final artwork(s) to your email address. Payments can be made only after you receive a confirmation email and an invoice from me.
5. PH payments can be made via GCash, or local bank deposit/fund transfers (BDO/BPI). International payments can be made via Paypal or Ko-fi. USD rates and fees apply.
6. I can only refund if I haven't started the commission yet. Please do not ask for a refund halfway thru the commission. There will be no refunds once the final image file(s) have been sent.
7. Commissioned piece(s) are for personal use only. Use for commercial purposes (i.e., printing the artwork(s) and selling it) is not allowed.
8. I retain all rights to the commissioned piece(s). Do not erase or edit out my signature in the artwork(s). I am allowed to post the artwork(s) to my social media pages as reference for future commissions. I am also allowed to include the artwork(s) in my portfolio.
Client Information and Contact Details
The information asked below will stay confidential and will only be used for documentation and communication purposes.
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Please provide your real name and follow this format: [Last name], [First name]
This is so I can address you with the name that you prefer. If you fill this out, I will address you with this name instead of your real name in my emails and messages :)
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This is to make sure that you exist. I will also be sending you updates regarding the commission in your social media accounts.
Describe what you want to commission. Please be as specific and descriptive as possible. If there is an image you want me to reference, feel free to include the url below. If the reference image is not available online, please indicate that you will just send the image via email. *
Artwork Styles
Please choose which artwork style you would like your commission be in. Take note that each artwork style refers to only one commission piece. If you want to commission more than one for a specific style, please indicate your request below.:)
Chibi Head - 5USD
Which Chibi Head style do you want? *
Chibi Full Body - 10USD
Which Chibi Full Body style do you like? *
Which Portrait style do you want? *
Full Body
Which Full Body style do you like? *
Do you want to add props to the full body illustration? Take note that there will be an additional 3USD for each prop. *
If you answered yes to additional props, please indicate below how many props you would like to add.
Do you want more than one artwork piece for a specific style? If yes, please indicate which style and how many pieces you would like below. If no, just type NA. *
Which mode of payment do you prefer? *
Please review your answers and make sure that everything is correct and that you 200% agree to the terms before submitting the form. *
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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