INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY - INVESTORS ONLY - Referred to as The Best Plans On Earth!
Build a better future with the Matriarchs who care - a group of devoted women who cater to life and not profiteering. Join with us in cooperative agreement to develop "self sustained farms" that allow people to prosper and grow the way they were meant to be. Nature of planet earth was not meant to be destroyed but embraced. Our faith is committed to protecting nature, the people, and all life forms upon earth. Donate Land - Develop your land - Join a cooperative agreement to develop your land - maintain lifetime rights to your property. 1031 Exchanges are welcome.

Organization structure: Faith Based and Non Profit - Celebrating over 10 years - Female Led - "Matriarch"  Church (non-denominational), and Non Profit. From 2006 to present - Debt Free - Non Profit was added in 2009 for non faith based services. We would like to bridge the IP assets to build green organic farms and then secure note against completed farm until paid, with a ROI of $12% Tax Exempt, 3 - 5 year exit. We have an extreme competitive edge from our designs and web presence. Approx. "per farm" cost is $16M - $20M. There is no better investment globally, there are no better standards and we have indeed thought of everything. Our Humanitarian farms are tax exempt - huge tax benefits

Regions globally are no longer restrained from having nutrient rich foods that normally do not grow in their environment...they can have all specialty crops necessary for their community to thrive with good health. This has never been offered before, and we feel very strongly about protecting it permanently. Eight other countries wish to have our plans under "Co-Operative Agreement".

Our farms will always be female run under which will be a trademark name for certain product lines once up and operating. We have specialty grow hubs which produce 5 - 11 times the annual harvest of specialty crops, without climate issues. The tourism and organic produce sales will skyrocket once open. Our California Chap. has some involvement in cannabis investment and we feel that can also be included in our array of what we'll be growing. The grow hubs feed the farm live-in work force, local communities, and is powered by the WTRE plant. All sectors are eco friendly and environmentally sound without risk or destruction to all lifeforms and Earth. Project, design, and development details will be discussed in depth once we can verify investors status.

We have an exclusive with the technology being utilized on the farms.

Areas of Interest for farms.
Poconos PA - MA - CA - CO - FL - AZ - Mid West US - International

Thank you! We look forward to the bright future that awaits all of us. Our plans are referred to as the best plans on earth for a logical reason...they're great! We hope you agree too - We firmly feel Matriarchs do it best - our plans reflect this...Only because we care.

Long Island NY - Poconos PA - CA - The Matriarchs are everywhere!
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Build a better future with Plans shared globally 516-847-2209 Maintain lifetime rights to your land...Donate Land...1031 Exchanges welcome
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Green Organic Farms - Feeding Our Communities!
Investors Needed for Great Organic Green Farms!
ROI $12% - 3-5 YES - TAX EXEMPT! Safest Investment!

*Best deal on Earth - Run by very serious Women who have lengthy business backgrounds - created and designed by incredible talent. Faith based group with non profit - celebrating over 10 years now. Self Sustained - Specialty Grow Hubs - Community Food Co-Op - Free EDU - Can be built anywhere - shared with any country - qualifies for grants - Minority group - many benefits to working with us!

*Investment in a nutshell: Limited Time Invite for Investors
$20M - to build first farm in Pa. - Cookie cutter design will work anywhere
Secured by "Intellectual Assets" of the organization worth millions. Our farm plans are shared globally with certain conditions that apply specifically.

*Funding Requirement: $20 Million
Upon completion of the farm - funding is then transferred and held on farm until paid 3-5 year exit strategy with the option to stay. Investors who stay receive other special lifetime benefits. Distressed property owners can enter their property into the land bank program and we ill develop it into a working community farm. The owners can also stay and receive lifetime benefits without debt.

How do the Farms make money? 24/7/365 Live Broadcasting - All farms
*Community Food Co-op $25 per month membership - family/household - *Discounted Organic Food
*Farm Stand at each location - broadcast live 24/7
*Tourism/Community Involvement - events - catering to community needs
*Free EDU and free student housing
*24/7 operation - 4 work shifts - 6hrs per shift - Open 24/7/365 - we never close
*Center of Attention COA - Campfire - meeting location - socializing center - BBQ
*Cultural Food Court within the Specialty Grow Hubs - Foods from around the world

*Land program: All locations considered - Conditions apply
All land that is 10 acres and up that is buildable can qualify. Land owners can find protection by joining - tax exemption applies to all properties in the faith based group. Since all proceeds from this work go to humanitarian causes for Women - Artists - Animal Rescue and faith based operational cost our fees are tax exempt - it is considered a charity donation and huge benefit to those who join us.

*Factoring Investors! No Placement too large! Highest Success Rate!
ALL DEBT handled professionally by 35 year expert.
REO's - Factoring - Defaulted Mortgage Loans - Credit Card Debt, any type of debt including Civil Judgments are handled by us 'in house' for you (the factoring investor/owner of paper). No 3rd part costs and all work is done in house under your own company, including litigating past due accounts. Since all proceeds from this work go to humanitarian causes for Women - Artists - Animal Rescue and faith based operational cost our fees are tax exempt - it is considered a charity donation and huge benefit to those who join us.

*1031 Exchange Program! Awesome ways to work together with Faith Based -Non Profit - Women run entities
All locations are covenanted on each deed and remain this way for life
Hundreds to thousands are waiting for our farms to open...the quicker we build - the quicker we can jump start any community anywhere.

*Our plans are designed so people anywhere globally can call us and order a farm for their community...indicative of success and going viral once they open.

*Goals of the Farms:
Promote Life - Preserve Nature - Feed and House the population - Reinstall Socialism and provide a safer and better quality of life and style of living - not dependent on a persons ability pay, but on their ability to perform within a community.

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