Our organization is inquiring for funding for self sustained farms with waste to renewable energy technology that is plasma based. It is patented as well. (see flier attached).

Organization structure: Female Led - "Matriarch", Sovereign, Church (non-denominational), and Non Profit. Sovereign is Neutral - Serving other sovereigns - autonomous and what "we" abide by in Doctrine. From 2006 to present - Debt Free - Non Profit was added in 2009 for non faith based services. Our Intellectual Property is valued between $17M - $20M, not counting patents, and we're still tallying. We would like to bridge the IP to build and then secure against completed farm, with a ROI of $12% Tax Exempt, 3 - 5 year exit. We have an extreme competitive edge from our web presence. Approx. "per farm" cost is $10M - $16M. There is no better investment globally, there are no better standards and we have indeed thought of everything.

Regions globally are no longer restrained from having nutrient rich foods that normally do not grow in their environment...they can have all specialty crops necessary for their community to thrive with good health. This has never been offered before, and we feel very strongly about protecting it permanently. Eight other countries wish to have our plans under "Co-Operative Agreement".

Note: We have suffered extreme abuse by male companies and wish not to have any male investors involved in these projects. We have a lengthy list as to why we are now rigid in this position. We have also suffered extreme discrimination continuously, especially by firms who consist of mostly males. We no longer deal with firms who are not diversified. We can't afford the risk or anticipated damage they cause us. Unfortunate facts of being a Women today.

Founders background can be found on resume, and a good scope of skills can be reviewed here: and is also very informative about the lengthy background in Legal, Banking, Real Estate and Commercial funding specifically, in addition to the organization. Top Webmaster and very skilled in this area. Everything you will see on our sites was built, designed, and created by her. You can see our rocking rank and stats here: which is a brand new site just built to house our many other sites with the stats to each domain. Also able to pass background checks - with a lilly white background, and debt free.

Our farms are female run under which will be a trademark name for certain product lines once up and operating. We have specialty grow hubs which produce 5 - 11 times the annual harvest of specialty crops, without climate issues. The tourism and organic produce sales will skyrocket once open. Our California Chap. has some involvement in cannabis investment and we feel that can also be included in our array of what we'll be growing. The grow hubs feed the farm live-in work force, local communities, and is powered by the WTRE plant. All sectors are eco friendly and environmentally sound without risk or destruction to all lifeforms and Earth. Project, design, and development details will be discussed in depth once we can verify investors status.

We have an exclusive with the technology being utilized on the farms. The main inventor/scientist is the man who built the microwave in college. He is also part of the actual founding Hover Craft team. His tech is second to none and patented. Had we had his energy plant during Storm Sandy we would not have gone without power for 19 days here in Long Island.

Areas of Interest for farms.
Poconos PA - CA - CO - FL - NY - AZ - International

Thank you for any interest and consideration as we always look forward to the bright future that awaits all of us. Our plans are referred to as the best plans on earth for a logical reason...they're great! We hope you agree too - We firmly feel Matriarchs do it best - our plans reflect this...Only because we care.

Long Island NY - Poconos PA - Murrieta CA - The Matriarchs are everywhere!

    Matriarchs Do It Better! Farms are Green Self Sustained with Waste To Renewable Energy!

    Our plans are shared globally under "Cooperative Agreements" Interested in developing your land? Call 516-847-2209 Text 631-894-4414 10am to 10pm 7 days!
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