Public Input for ESSER Funds
Magnet Cove School District would like your input on spending ARP ESSER Funds. Please reflect on the past year and what you feel the needs of our students will be for the upcoming school year.
Please review the allowable expenses for ESSER funds at
After reviewing, please provide your input. The district will review your input as decisions are made. ESSER funding preliminary funding amounts can be accessed at the following link;
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Which of the following classifications characterize your role in the Magnet Cove Community? Please select all that apply. *
What do you feel are the most pressing educational needs for Magnet Cove Students? Please select all that apply. *
Based on your answers to the previous question; what are your TOP TWO pressing educational needs for Magnet Cove Students? *
Are there any additional areas of HIGH CONCERN not listed that you would like to be addressed?
Do you feel there are a group of students that you believe were DISPROPORTIONATELY impacted due to COVID-19 that the Magnet Cove School District should address specifically?
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If you selected a group from the previous question on dis-proportionality, how do you feel these students were impacted significantly more than other students in the Magnet Cove School District?
Please list any other concerns or comments Magnet Cove School District should consider for the use of ARP ESSER Funding.
After reviewing allowable uses of ESSER funds from the Commissioners Memo, please provide your input on how ESSER funds could best be utilized. *
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