Proposed Changes to Article 17 & CI Job Security
Please complete this short, anonymous survey to help the CUPE 4600 Unit 2 (CI) Bargaining Team better understand how members feel about management's proposed changes to Article 17: Appointment of Doctoral Students and Post-Doctoral Fellows.

Article 17 currently allows Departments to appoint PhD students to courses without following the normal hiring process. Departments are currently limited to 1.5 full courses or equivalent per academic year. Article 17 appointees do have seniority or incumbency for the courses they are appointed to until they are hired to another course via a regular, open competition.

Management is proposing a change that would keep the overall number of Article 17 appointments the same, but allow more flexibility for each Faculty to assign across Departments as they deem appropriate.

There would be a total number of courses per Faculty that could be assigned to Article 17 students, which would be calculated based on 1.5 full courses multiplied by the number of Departments in each Faculty.

The Faculty could then assign that number of Article 17 courses across Departments as they deem appropriate. Some Departments might see no Article 17 appointments. Other Departments could see an increase in displacements due to Article 17 appointments. The number of displacements could change each year.

Your Bargaining Team is concerned this may have some potential impacts on job security, but are seeking feedback from members about what concerns, if any, CIs might have.

If you have any questions, please contact CUPE 4600 at
If the management proposes changes to Article 17 that would allow for an increased number of displacements in any given Department, I would support a strike. *
The maximum number of increased credits assigned via Article 17 each academic year that I would be willing to accept is: *
If CIs had some protection from being displaced from more than once in successive years, I would be willing to accept a small increase in possible Article 17 appointments. *
If the total number of Article 17 appointments per Faculty stayed the same but the Faculty had more flexibility to move them from Department to Department as needed, I would be willing to accept changes to Article 17. *
I have held an Article 17 appointment at Carleton University. *
I have been employed as a Contract Instructor at Carleton University for: *
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