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How do you position yourself?
List 5-10 unique values ​​that would reflect the activities of only your company, its usefulness to your client.
5-10 values ​​that reflect the quality of the product or service you offer.
List companies that might be your competitors.
Who is your target audience (gender, social status, income level, age, lifestyle)?
What opinion do you want to form about your company?
If you have company style elements (logo, fonts, company colors), you can give a link to the files in the Google drive.
Company slogan or advertising phrases that can or should be used on the site:
Please provide two or three sites that you like and why?
Please provide two or three sites that you don’t like and why?
Do you have any special preferences of the site colors?
What colors categorically should not be used?
Additional preferences for design.
Technical details
Describe the specific functionality that may be needed on the site?
Site language.
What materials can you provide for creating and filling the site?
Site engine.
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Maximum quantity of goods in stock.
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How will the information be uploaded to the site?
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Who will edit the information on the site?
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Information about orders should.
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Payment options for customers (describe required).
Data upload from online store.
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Describe the specific functionality that may be needed on the site.
Expected project development budget. *
Expected / Desired Development Time.
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Our additional services, that can be useful.
If you have a ready Terms of Reference (ToR), you can give a link to the file in google drive.
We understand that you share confidential information with us, so we take full responsibility and guarantee a 100% of non-disclosure of received information.

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