Responsible AI Survey
AI Global is a non-profit committed to a world with trustworthy, safe, and fair technology. Our mission is to transform the way disruptive technologies, like Artificial Intelligence (AI) are designed, built, and regulated. As a “Do Tank” we’ve created easy-to-use tools that support practitioners as they navigate the complex landscape of Responsible AI. By working closely with those building AI systems, we use this feedback to inform AI policymakers. Creating this strong feedback loop enables a technology-enabled world that improves the social and economic well being of society.

The issues arising from the increased use of AI have been well documented. There are hundreds of white papers, policies, journal articles, and research studies that highlight these significant challenges. However, there are limited resources available for practitioners to easily understand what developing good AI actually means to them. Once you fill this form, AI Global will be able to collect data on responsible AI practices by stakeholders, and put this information together in a way that is easy to access and understand.

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