Down East Sunrise Trail User Survey
In order to provide you with a high quality recreational experience, we are conducting a survey of trail users. Your cooperation in completing this survey will be greatly appreciated. One user per survey form please!
Be sure to complete the form in one sitting before submitting. The form cannot be submitted until you have answered the last question.
01) What is your home zip code?
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02) How often, on average, do you use the Down East Sunrise Trail?
03) Please identify your age group
04) Were any children under the age of 15 with you on your trail experience today?
05) What is your gender?
06) What is your primary activity on the trail? (check all that apply)
07) Generally, when do you use the trail?
08) How much time do you generally spend on the trail each visit? (circle one response)
09) Would you consider your use of the trail to be for...
10) During your trail visit did you ... (check all that apply)
11) How did you find out about the trail? (check all that apply)
12) Has your use of the trail influenced your purchase of: (check all that apply)
13) Approximately how much did you spend on the items above in the past year? (US $)
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14) In conjunction with your most recent trip to the trail, did you purchase any of the following? (check all that apply)
15) Approximately how much did you spend, per person, on the items above on your most recent visit? (US $)
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16) Did your visit to the trail involve an overnight stay in one of the following types of accommodations?
17) How many nights did you stay in conjunction with your visit to this trail?
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18) Approximately how much did you spend on over night accommodations per night? (US $)
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19) In your opinion, the maintenance of the trail is ...
20) In your opinion, the safety and security along the trail is ...
21) In your opinion, the cleanliness of the Trail is ...
22) Would you be willing to pay an annual usage fee to help maintain the trail?
23) What portion of the trail do you use most often? (Check all that apply)
24) Which trail access points do you generally use when you visit the trail?
Please write in the location names or road crossings.
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