FIGMENT Chicago 2019 Art/Performance/Workshop Application
FIGMENT Chicago is calling all artists and contributors! Are you interested in bringing your wonderful art and self to share with the Chicago community, in a great public park? Fill out your information here, and we'll connect to and work with you to make it happen.

Figment Chicago 2019 is Saturday July 13 in Mozart Park

We're excited about all sorts of art, interactions, performances, and installations! It's important to be community friendly, fun, safe, participatory, decommodified, and free. Beyond that, what you do and bring is really up to you! This is an open space for active participation and exploration. We've got a wonderful location again this year, and are looking forward to working together with you on this year's FIGMENT Chicago event.

For information about what we're looking for, we recommend you take a look through the project submission page on our website:

Got any questions? Message us here, or email the curation team at

Thank you!
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If so, you can skip the below questions as you like and we'll get them from last year's info. Otherwise, please answer as you're able to.
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Describe your art, and your self if you like. What's your idea, project, or talent? What motivates you? Include a link to any photos or files that would be illuminating, or send them to
If you have brought art to Figment Chicago before, which years and what art?
Where else have you brought your art, or are planning to bring it this year? Have you received any organizational funding?
How excited are you about your art?
The dread is building
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How would you categorize your art?
How long will it take to set up before the event, and to take down after the event?
How much space does your art need?
Do you need a table or chairs?
We can't promise them, but we'll try to acquire some for you.
Do you need electrical power?
Power is available, but will be limited to some portions of the park area.
Will you have amplified sound? Do you have PA resources for potential shared use?
Are there any potential safety issues? Your art will be in a public park, and should be safe for Chicagoans of all kinds to interact with.
Could your art also function indoors, if weather requires it?
Do you have any special requirements?
How did you learn about Figment Chicago? If you're as excited as we are, please tell your friends to join us!
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Anything else you'd like us to know? We'll be in touch with you about your application soon! Thank you so much; we look forward to seeing you in July!
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