FULL - Science Communication 101
Thanks for your interest! The workshop is now full. We recommend https://scifundchallenge.org/ as a low-cost, high-value way of learning about science communciation and outreach.


This half-day hands-on workshop will teach you key science communication principles and strategies to communicate your research to the public.

First, we will learn & discuss how to explain complex subjects to non-expert audiences and how to work with journalists. Second, participants will choose one of two more in-depth sessions on 1) using social media (with David Shiffman), or 2) narrative storytelling (with Aerin Jacob).

By the end of this workshop, you will know the basics of communicating science to non-expert audiences and where to find more information.

The workshop will be held 8-11 am on Sunday, May 7 at the Royal BC Museum. Cost is $25 (let us know if this is a barrier; no one will be turned away). Space is limited.

Questions? aerin <dot> jacob <at> gmail

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