Stanford Crowd Research Program 2017
We are the Stanford Crowd Research Collective — a group of five hundred designers, engineers, crowd workers, and crowd requesters from around the world who are building a better platform for crowd work (a la Mechanical Turk). Its goal is to produce stronger respect for all parties through technical wizardry, design, and open governance.

As part of the program, we're inviting aspiring researchers, hackers and thinkers who are interested in human-computer interaction, social computing and crowdsourcing to join us! Come join our massive research team, and you get to do work from the comfort of your home, at your own schedule.

Besides gaining research experience, you will also have a chance to co-author papers with faculty and researchers from Stanford, and several contributors have received strong recommendation letters for future studies.

-Project: Design the Next-Generation Crowdsourcing Platform
-Advisor: Prof. Michael Bernstein, Stanford Computer Science
-Research area: human-computer interaction, crowdsourcing

We especially invite those with experience in one of:
1) Django, AngularJS, Python, PostgreSql (or other web technologies)
2) UI design, UX research, qualitative and quantitative skills
3) Crowdsourcing, as a requester, worker, or other
4) Online governance and market design

Time commitment: at least 5 hours/week
Project Timeline: Ongoing
Application deadline: Not accepting students right now, however, please apply to get notified first. Possibly for Winter 2017.

Our achievements so far:
- ACM UIST work-in-progress accepted (
- Successfully completed crowd tasks on behalf of Microsoft
- Alpha version of the system almost ready (
- Two participants offered full-time RA position at Stanford University - you can too!
- Students from our wider program have been accepted to grad school at places like: MIT, Cornell, UCSD, Stanford, Univ. of Minessota --- if you're super dedicated, you can too!
- Finalists at the Knight News Challenge 2015 (top 20 of 1,000+).

To learn more about the project and our progress so far, check out the following links:

Feel free to contact us at
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