Collector Directory - How Can I Build The Best Tool For Your Needs?
** All questions refer to the project overview at **

I'm building this tool so that anyone who collects, sells, or studies rare books will have an online resource to identify and connect with the people who specialize in any given topic. Right now I'm looking for information from potential users in a few categories to make sure I'm building features that will be useful to everyone.

I'm asking everyone to please fill out the first section, and then you can go on to any sections that apply to you, whether you're a collector, dealer, group member, blogger/podcaster, or librarian.

Feel free to skip any section or question you want, except for the small number of questions in each section that are required - you'll have to answer those to submit the form. Other than that, have fun, and remember that you can always contact me directly here as well: Thank you!
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