Supporting Pluggable Transports
Internews seeks to support improved anti-censorship capabilities with grants to support pluggable transport developers and circumvention tool/secure communication app developers who may find their systems blocked.

The following activities are eligible for funding:

* Development of new transports which do not rely on domain fronting (transports must conform to the 2.x spec and provide a self-assessment based on the Evaluation Criteria here: ). Preference will be given to projects able to be deployable by the end of the grant period.

* Updating existing transports to the 2.x spec

* Implementing pluggable transports in applications providing security, privacy, or access to information, in particular taking advantage of the UDP options of the 2.x spec to support voice, video, and VPN traffic

The deadline for the first round of submissions is April 30, 2019. If any funds remain, applications will be evaluated on a rolling basis. Grants can be up to 6 months in duration, and must finish by October 31, 2019. Projects should aim for a budget under $30,000 USD but exceptions can be made.

If you would prefer to submit this information via PGP, please send to, encrypting to Jon Camfield (

Review Criteria
Applications will be evaluated by Internews' Global Technology team in consultation with the Department of Human Rights and Labor according to the criteria (and regulations) below:

1) Quality of Program Idea and Associated Activities (25 Points)
* Tools developed are open source (required)
* Application fits within the fundable activities and has clear impact (15)
* Tool is developed in a mobile-compatible format and/or mobile native (10)

2) Program Planning/Ability to Achieve Objectives (40 Points)
* Includes a detailed workplan for achieving stated goals on time (10)
* There is a clear path for the work to continue to be useful and functional post-grant (15)
* Demonstrates the willingness to work in collaboration with the pluggable transports community (15)

3) Institution’s Record and Capacity; Program Monitoring and Evaluation (15 Points)
* Ability to meet reporting requirements and deadlines under grant agreement (10)
* Track record of providing support and documentation (as appropriate, e.g. user guides, technical documentation, implementation guides) (5)

4) Cost Effectiveness (20 points)
* Costs are reasonable for work and duration proposed (10)
* Circumvention concept does not incur high or ongoing costs beyond the normal requirements (e.g. bridge servers) (10)

This funding will be administered in accordance with The Department of Human Rights and Labor / Department of State standard terms and conditions (

In addition, regulations and provisions, at minimum, of 2CFR200 and 2CFR600 ( Uniform Administrative Requirements, Cost Principles, and Audit Requirements for Federal Awards, will apply to subawards issued as a result of this RFA.

Proposal budgets will be reviewed in accordance with, and selected subrecipients’ costs will be subject to, the cost principles that apply to them to assure reasonableness, allocability, and allowability as per 2CFR200 Subpart E, Cost Principles (

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