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Hey there, thanks for your interest! We're psyched to reshape the music industry with you.

Our #1 goal is to increase your "real-world" popularity by supplying you with a recording fund and an invested fanbase. Our vision is to provide all of the services of a label by incentivizing your 1000 biggest fans to work on your behalf.  We create this invested fanbase by tying the value of fans' investments to your popularity on DSPs.  When you become more popular, fans share in the upside by receiving a % of your streaming royalties for a fixed period of time (that you choose).

For fans to be properly incentivized, we recommend that you only raise what you reasonably expect your assets to earn over the listing period - for example, if you would like to list 50% of the royalties to one song for 5 years and that song will likely earn $1,000 in royalties each year, Decent recommends you raise $2,500 in the initial NFT auction.  While you could undoubtedly raise more, it comes at the cost of reduced fan incentives (e.g., if fans pay more today, they will earn less in the future) & our goal is to have fans spread your music to as many people as possible!  We're about organic growth, not cash grabs.  Therefore, if you'd like to raise more, either list a larger percentage of your royalties or list them for a longer period of time.

"'To those about to rock, we salute you' - AC/DC" - Decent
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