Women's Game Night Survey
My name is Anna and I love board games! I'd like to share my love of games with other lady gamers in the community and so I have started a bi-weekly board game night with the help of the VT Pride Center who has generously donated use of their space for this event.

I've hosted a few game nights now and we've had some good attendance for being a new event. But being a fairly data-driven nerd, I'm interested in finding out what you think of this event and also if there's anything the community would like to see in Women's Game night. Ideally, the more players we get, the more fun we have! But any feedback provided could be helpful in improving the event.

So do me a favor and let me know what you think!

Have you attended Women's Game Night before? *
If you answered "No" above, what is the biggest reason you have not yet attended? (Select all that apply)
Is there another venue that you would prefer to play games at? If so, where would that be? (If not, you can leave this blank)
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Ideally, I'd like to host this on a week night since I work 9-5. What day of the week would be best for you to get together and play some games? (Select all that apply) *
What time after 5 PM works best for you to meet up to play some games?
What do you think about Game Night being hosted bi-weekly (every two weeks)?
Would you be interested in doing this on a weekend occasionally?
Suggestions for improvement (share your thoughts!)
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