Community Input - Bruce Principal Selection Process
The Bruce Randolph CSC highly values the voices of all our stakeholders. To honor this, we would like your input in determining the characteristics you would like see in the principal for the principal search process. The input you provide will help inform the development of interview questions for candidates in the principal search process. Please provide your ideas and input below by Monday, May 14th @ 8am. Thank you.
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What Teaching & Education Experience will be most important for the next school leader? Teaching & Education Experience covers the experience a candidate has with instructional curriculum, teaching in a classroom, specific curriculum, English Language Learner expertise, and working with diverse populations of students, among other areas.
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What Leadership and Communication Style will be most important for the next school leader? Leadership covers the type of leadership experience a candidate has, such as being a principal or assistant principal, working at a high school in an urban setting, or business experience, among other areas. Communication refers to the style and posture of communication, such as easy going, accessible, highly structured, charismatic, among other areas.
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List any other skills and characteristics here that are important.
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What should be the top three priorities for the next school leader?
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