Setup For The RevoCraft Championship!
So I wanted to know the opinions of other people how the server should be setup for the championship that I've wanted to organize for 2 years now.

So a quick explanation off the event.
First 4 rounds will be free for all on arena, with a point system and then the top players will do 1vs1's .

So lets start with the Questions!

Should Bleeding Be On Or Off? *
Should Legg Breaking Be On? *
Should Airdrops Be Able To Spawn? *
Should Ballistics Be On Or Off? *
Which Map Should Be on? *
Should The Compass Be On Or Off? *
Which Perspective Should Be Allowed? *
Should Everyone Have Max Skills? *
Would You Like It If The Event Would Be Streamed Live On Twitch Or YouTube? *
What Kind Of Price Would You Enjoy The Most? *
Do You Have Any Idea's For The Event?
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