2022-2023 Spring Tryout Application
Interested in joining the Combs Spiritline program for the 2022-2023 season? Please fill out the following registration form COMPLETELY. **NOTE: Per AIA Guidelines, Spring Tryouts are only open to CURRENT CHS students. Freshman/Transfer Student Tryouts will be held at the end of Summer 2022**
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Athlete's Grade for 2022-2023 School Year *
Do you have any prior cheer/dance experience? If so, please describe: *
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Please Read the Following Informed Consent & Acknowledgement Agreement:
Cheerleading is a vigorous, physical activity involving motion, rotation and height in a unique environment and as such carries with it a higher than ordinary risk of injury. Be advised that serious, catastrophic injury such as paralysis or even death could occur particularly if a participant were to land on his/her neck, head or back!

By checking the box below, the parents and/or legal guardians of the named athlete above voluntarily give consent for such participation by the athlete.

The parents and/or legal guardians further understand that cheerleading is an activity which may involve airborne inversion of the body and therefore there is an increased potential that any one of the routines involving the athlete's participation could led to serious injury, paralysis or even death.

The parents and/or guardians understand that the athlete is required to be in good physical shape and condition and that the activities in which they will be asked to participate are strenuous and require physical and athletic agility. The parents and/or guardians understand that these activities include, but are not necessarily limited to a variety of gymnastics maneuvers, including somersaults back handsprings and aerials; that there will be a variety of mounts, tosses, and stunts requiring the coordination of more than one participant at the clinic.

The parents and/or guardians represent that, to the best of their knowledge and believe, the athlete has no physical, medical, or mental disability or other limitation that would restrict their ability to fully participate in this activity.  The parents and/or guardians agree to notify immediately the appropriate school personnel such as the head coach or assistant coach in the event of any personnel change in the athlete's health status.
I have read and accept the Informed Consent & Acknowledgement Agreement: *
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