Ilmstitute Academy Financial Aid Form
Assalamu Alaykum!

Thank you for your interest in wanting to register to take Islamic classes through Ilmstitute Academy. Lack of funds should not be an obstacle to seeking knowledge of our deen, so if you are not able to afford the full tuition fees please fill out the following form to apply for financial aid and we will try our best to accommodate everyone insha'Allah!

Important Note: Rest assured that any personal information that you provide on this form will remain confidential and nothing will be shared with or sold to any third parties nor displayed publicly for others to see or know that you have applied for or are receiving financial aid. Your privacy is important to us!

May Allah purify our intentions and keep us steadfast upon the truth. Ameen

Baaraka Allahu feekum!

*IMPORTANT: Once your request for financial aid has been accepted, you will automatically be enrolled and will receive an e-mail to login and set a password for your account.  If you already registered an account with your e-mail address, then that account will be enrolled and you can access the courses via "My Dashboard."*
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I attest to the truthfulness of the information included on this form and would like to take these Islamic courses but need financial assistance to do so. (Please sign by typing your full name below) *
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