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Event Date : Friday, 27th November 2020
Event Time : 1500 Hrs to 1600 Hrs IST

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Speaker : Prof. (Dr.) Annapurni Subramaniam, FASc., FNASc.,
Director of the Indian Institute of Astrophysics, Bangalore, since October 2019.

She has about three decades of research experience and has published about 200 research publications in topics such as, star clusters, stellar populations, galaxies, and ultra-violet astronomy.

She has guided a large number of students and 10 have completed PhD.

She is involved in two major projects.
1. She is the calibration scientist for the UV Imaging Telescope (UVIT) on board India’s first space observatory, ASTROSAT. She compiled and predicted its performance before the launch, planned and completed calibration after its launch. She also developed a mandatory user tool for safe observations of the telescope.
2. She was heading the Indian team of the Observatory software, completed the delivery of Common software in 2019 for the Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT), which is being built by an international consortium with India as a partner.

Awards and Fellowships:
• Fellow of Indian Academy of Sciences and National Academy of Sciences.
• Life member of International Astronomical Union and Astronomical Society of India.
• Kavli Fellow, instituted by Kavli foundation, USA and National Academy of Sciences, USA.
• Recipient of C.V. Raman Young scientist award for physical sciences, from the Karnataka Government for the year 2018.

Topic: Reaching for the stars_my leadership journey
an interactive session with a scientist, a women researcher with leadership roles in projects and head of the premier autonomous S&T institute
Astronomy is one of the oldest subjects pursued by humans. The knowledge of stellar constellations in the night was a must for travellers to know time and direction.

Over the years our understanding of the Universe and use of outer space has changed, which is closely linked to the advancement in technology.

Many technologies developed for Astronomy have benefitted our society.

India has increased its footprint in the international scene with the launch of the first Indian space observatory, ASTROSAT and partnering for building mega science projects such as Thirty Meter Telescope, Square Kilometre Array and LIGO.

The next few decades will see a large collaboration between the research institutions and the Industry to foster growth of science in general and Astronomy in particular.

Speaker will share her journey and experience as a woman researcher with leadership roles in projects and as the head a premier institute for Astronomy & Astrophysics.
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