2019 Spring Math Classes Registration
AMC 10/12 Test Preparation Class

Students do previous years’ test at home. During the class the instructor Dr. Liu will teach them problem solving skills with practicing AMC 10/12 level problems (not same as the released previous test ).

Class time: 7pm-9pm; 1/5 to 2/9
Classroom: 20432 Silverado Ave, Ste 5, Cupertino, CA 95014
Tuition: $450/6 lessons
Registration: https://goo.gl/wJUph6

(We guarantee the students will have space to take the AMC 10A or 10B/12A or 12B test)

Registration: https://goo.gl/RjRBBK
When: AMC 10/12; 1/5-2/9; 7:00-9:00pm, Saturday

AMC 10/12 冲刺班
同学可以在课后做以往的考古题。课堂上廖老师会拿不同类型的AMC 10/12 水平的题(非考古题),教学生解题思路和技巧。
时间:7pm-9pm; 1/5 to 2/9
教室:20432 Silverado Ave, Ste 5, Cupertino, CA 95014
学费:$450/6 lessons

(对考AMC 10 A or B/12 A or B的学生,保证有考试位置。)

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