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Democrats Abroad: WebEx Meeting Request Form

You --MUST-- be a DA "Certified" WebEx host to use this form to schedule a meeting.

- To avoid meeting conflicts please check the WebEx schedule FIRST: https://democratsabroad.webex.com
- Check the DA WebEx Calendar to ensure at least a 1/2 hour gap before and after your meeting
- The DA WebEx schedule ONLY uses US Eastern (Wash. DC Time). You are responsible for confirming that your time zone calculations are correct

Questions?: For more information please contact the WebEx volunteer team at webex@demsabroad.eu
- If you need to cancel/change a meeting email us at: webex@demsabroad.eu (Include the Meeting Date/Time)
- Visit the DA Wiki Help Pages for help with setup:

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Are you a DA "Certified" WebEx host? *
Have you attended a DA Host Training Sessions? If not, please attend a DA WebEx Host Training before scheduling a meeting.
Please ensure you have left 1/2 hour before and after your meeting. *
DA Group and Meeting Topic *
(e.g. DA France ExCom, FATCA Task Force, etc.)
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DA Affiliation (Americas, EMEA, AP or Global) *
Date and Time in Wash. DC time *
All meetings are scheduled in USA Eastern Time Zone (Wash. DC Time), either EST or EDT depending on meeting date.
Optional - Please write your meeting time in your local time:
Local time for meeting if participants are not on DC/Eastern time (e.g., CET, GMT, AM/PM or 24-hour) ***NOTE: This field is for information purposes only, and should be validated by the Requester/Host.***
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Meeting Duration (in hours) *
For greater than 8 hours of meeting time, please do not submit this form and rather contact an admin directly to ensure that the meeting is properly formatted, scheduled, and executed.
Meeting Pass word *
Lower Case only -- the meeting entry code-word/pass-word to share with participants. Please keep short and simple -- use "dems" as default. No spaces, numbers, or punctuation marks are allowed.
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Meeting Host *
(Person who has attended a DA WebEx Host Certification Training and who will manage the WebEx call muting, and document posting, etc.)
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E-mail address of person making request *
(Email of the Meeting Host as noted above - e.g., leader@democratsabroad.org)
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Special Requests/Comments
If you have any special requests or comments on this process, then please contact the DA WebEx Admin team directly at webex@demsabroad.eu.
That's It! Select "Submit" button below and you're done -- We'll send you your WebEx meeting event confirmation shortly!
Please note:
- It's OK to submit DA WebEx meeting entry code-word in this form.
- It is not OK to include any personal logins.

What happens next? Select the "Submit" button below, and the DA WebEx Admin team will respond to your request automatically. Please check your email to determine if your request was successful. Please feel free to email us at webex@demsabroad.eu with any questions or suggestions.

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