Jeff Howard 2017-18 BHS Counselors-Stakeholder Survey
Students, please complete the following survey as it pertains to your counselor.
Class Hour *
Gender *
My counselor expects me to work hard and be on task in my classes. *
My counselor expects me to learn and improve my skills in my classes. *
My counselor expects me to complete homework for my classes. *
My counselor is preparing me for next year and I am learning skills and content that will prepare me for career and college readiness. *
My counselor has expectations for appropriate behavior. *
My counselor responds to inappropriate behavior with consistency. *
My counselor expects me to follow school policy. *
My counselor expects me to be on task when working individually and with groups. *
I feel comfortable asking my counselor for help when I need it. *
My counselor encourages me to set goals for myself. *
My counselor helps me with ideas on how to meet my goals. *
My counselor helps me to see how the information and skills I am learning in class can be used in my future. *
My counselor creates a safe place to learn. *
My counselor shows interest in how I am doing in and out of the classroom. *
My counselor helps me respect the differences between students through lessons taught in classrooms or meetings with me *
I feel there is mutual respect between my counselor and the students. *
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