Marriage Interest Survey
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What marriage related topics would you be interested in having resources for? - Please select "Interested" for all that apply, as well as choosing "Most Interested" for the topic area you could benefit from the soonest.
Most Interested
Managing Finances
Blending families
Marriage Identity – ( Exploring individuality and shared identity in marriage )
Marriage Balance – Marriage, Career, Family
Marriage after divorce
Marriage after infidelity
Overcoming addictions / destructive practices ( Pornography, Alcoholism, Etc. )
Marriage Health
Surviving the changes and stages
Conflict Resolution – "Fighting fair"
Family dynamics – From "Out with the In-laws!" to "We are family!"
Navigating your spouses friendships / hobbies / aspirations
Past abuse / trauma
Multicultural Marriages
Marriage "On-Mission" ( Leveraging your marriage to expand God's Kingdom )
Fun Again ( Rediscovering "Fun" in Marriage )
In "sickness" and in health ( Navigating marriage when health fails )
What types of resources would you most utilize and/or attend?
Would Utilize
Would "Most" Utilize
Email Newsletter
Social Media Posts via Instagram and Facebook
Zoom (online video) workshops or classes
In person workshops or classes
Events / outings
Meeting with a marriage mentor couple
In your estimation, how would you rate the "health" of your marriage at this moment?
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Please rate the "level of hope" you have for the future of your marriage at this moment.
No Hope
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To what extent is God prioritized currently in your marriage?
Not at all
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How unified are you and your spouse in desiring to improve your marriage?
Not at all
Very Much
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Please share any helpful thoughts or ideas you'd have as we seek to best equip and empower marriages to thrive here at CF and beyond.
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