Testing AWS Serverless Backends — Survey
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If you're building or have built a serverless application on AWS, I would really appreciate if you could take a few minutes to answer some questions to help with a book I'm writing on testing serverless apps.

Paul Swail
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How satisfied are you with your approach to testing AWS serverless applications in your place of work?
Very dissatisfied
Very satisfied
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What is your number 1 problem with testing serverless backends?
How important to you is being able to test your integrations with each of the following AWS services?
1: Not important at all
6: Extremely important
Lambda functions
API Gateway
EventBridge / SNS
DynamoDB Streams
Step Functions
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Is there anything else related to testing serverless backends that you would like to learn more about?
Could you describe how and when you/your team run automated tests during the development & release lifecycle?
Would you be ok if I followed up over email if I have further questions and/or to send you free chapters of the book once available? *
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