UMS Drama Class Application
The purpose of the drama class is to teach theater and drama skills as well as to build student confidence, pubic speaking, and personal expression.

Drama Class Expectations:
-Attendance to afterschool Drama Club meetings is mandatory and will be a part of your grade.
- You will be required to participate in any production that is put on by the Drama Club, whether it is as a part of the cast or crew.
-While you are not required to have a speaking part on stage, you will be required to speak (and act) in front of your classmates on a regular basis for a grade.
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2019-2020 Grade Level: *
Do you have any previous acting experience? If so, list and explain. *
Do you have any other experiences, talents, or abilities that you think would be useful? *
What other extracurricular activities will you be involved with next year?
Will these activities conflict with drama club? If yes, please explain.
Student Acknowledgement
I understand the expectations of being a part of the drama class and commit to being an active part of the drama club.
Parent Acknowledgement
I commit to supporting my child, which includes insuring they have transportation and helping them to memorize lines.
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