Stratton Cultural Fest Interest
Saturday, June 8th from 5-8PM

We would love to have the presence of all the different cultures that are part of our school, and for this to happen, we need you! You can participate in representing a Country, a state, a region or city (yes, New England, Boston and Arlington!). The Stratton Cultural Fest is an opportunity to learn more about each other; our heritage and cultures, traditions, food, music, and language. We want to share dance and art, make crafts and even enjoy traditional clothing during a fashion show.
The Stratton community’s participation in this event is essential. Participate with a display/expo-table, bring a traditional dish, teach us a game, prepare a performance or any other activity that represents your background.

Let us know if you're interested below and we'll be in touch as we continue the planning!

--Gustavo Pardo and Gisella Landi, co-chairs Stratton Cultural Fest

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