Fall 2019 Plant Sale Volunteer Registration
Plant Sale Dates: September 28, October 12 and November 2

Community Volunteers Needed: 8:15am-1pm

Student Volunteers Needed: 8am-2pm

Event Address: Arboretum Teaching Nursery, 1046 Garrod Dr, Davis, CA 95616

Outreach and Leadership Program Manager: Melissa Cruz Hernandez, melcruz@ucdavis.edu, 530-754-8293

Website: http://arboretum.ucdavis.edu
Plant Sale Information
The Friends of the UC Davis Arboretum and Public Garden will be hosting three Plant Sales at the Arboretum Teaching Nursery on September 28, October 12 , and November 2. Plant Sale Community Volunteers are needed from 8:15am-1pm and Students are needed from 8am-2pm on the day of the sales. All of the information you will need will be in the last page of this form.
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