Do You Recycle? Challenge (Fall 2022) - Participation Survey

Thank you for your interest in the Do You Recycle? Challenge!

Under this unique recycling program, Live Thrive, in partnership with the Recycling Partnership, is offering property managers and staff of multifamily properties the opportunity to create solutions for their residents to easily and effectively recycle! As Atlanta is home to nearly 1,500 multifamily properties representing 140,000+ homes, there is significant opportunity for providing essential recycling services to residents in this City. Over the past 12 months through phase one of the Do You Recycle? Challenge, best recycling practices and outcomes for multifamily properties have been refined.  This next phase will expand to include more properties. Future participating properties have the opportunity to attend training and use educational material provided with additional support from Live Thrive. This program will come to an end in December 2022.

Participating properties will receive:

- Property managers and staff are invited to attend recycling training sessions. Participating properties will have access to free signage and educational materials (reusable tote bags, info cards, and door hangers)

- Opportunity for improved recycling quality and contamination reduction

- Opportunity for improved recycling infrastructure through grant funding

- Opportunity to comply with City of Atlanta's multifamily ordinance

Property Requirements:

- Must be a multifamily property (apartment, condo, townhome) in the City of Atlanta

- Already offer a single-stream recycling service at the property

This survey will help us to determine your eligibility, what you'd like to get from the program, as well as information on the amount of educational materials we will be ordering for your property. 

Once we have received your response, you will receive additional information about the training. 
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