Annual Luncheon and Awards Ceremony

We want to hear from you! We've just completed our annual luncheon which featured club awards, speeches from our officers, a lovely meal, and an opportunity smooze with each other and to shop from small business vendors. While it's still fresh in your minds we'd like to know how you felt about this meeting. This meeting is for you and it should reflect what you want in an annual meeting. Please tell us your thoughts so we can figure them into next year's plans. 

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What did we do right?
What did we do wrong?
What did you most enjoy about the event?
Did you have any issues registering for or attending this event?
Do you think the cost of the ticket was worth the value of the event?  ( The cost of the luncheon covers use of the facility, rooms set-up fee, service/gratuity, food for attendees and boutique vendors, entrance cocktail, flowers and technology.) 
Do you think the three-tier pricing was a good idea and should be repeated for other events? 
What, if anything, did you dislike about this event?
Which elements of the event did you like the most? (For example, vendors, companionship, awards, etc.)
This annual meeting combines awards, induction of new officers, a monthly meeting, a speaker (our speaker canceled but had been booked) and a luncheon.  Do you like this format or would you prefer breaking these apart into different meetings?  

Do you prefer the country-club/restaurant luncheon setting or a ceremony/event in the garden as during our Covid years?

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