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Performers may want to consider renting the Broomfield Auditorium rather than be presented. Creative Broomfield is only able to present about 15 events a year.
For more information on renting:

All performers must have commercial liability coverage.

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Events Inside the Broomfield Auditorium
For performances held in the Broomfield Auditorium sound and lighting support is provided. Please indicate what equipment is needed for the performance. *
Wednesdays on the Waterfront
For Wednesdays on the Waterfront summer concert series, bands are required to provide their own sound reinforcement. The system must reach audiences that are seated in a 270 degree radius around the stage. See picture below.
Are you able to provide sound reinforcement? If so please describe.
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Wednesdays on the Waterfront Summer Concert Audience
If Selected to Perform
If selected to perform, artists will be required to sign a City and County of Broomfield contract. Contact includes: indemnification clause, insurance requirements, and cancellation restrictions.

Performers will need to provide a W9 and marketing materials including high resolution photos. Performers will also be expected to help promote the event to their audience.

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