FXA Mentorship Program
Register yourself to the waiting list by answering to the questions below. Secure your spot since we can accept a limited amount of new members. :) We want to make sure that there's enough time and attention for all of you. 

If you are a beginner and you see a question that is addressed to the people that are already trading, you are not required to answer.

Keep an eye on your email in case you get accepted. The title should be ,,You've been accepted to FXA!'' and the sender is either andreea@fxatrading.com or fxatrading.andreea@gmail.com

Thank you!
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How much experience do you have in the trading field? *
For the beginners only: why do you want to start trading?
What struggles do you have in your trading journey? (If you already trade)
If you have experience in the field already, did you try Prop Firms yet?
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Did you pass the challenges on Prop Firms? - for the ones that already trade
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If you already traded, how can you explain your way of trading? Did you make profits? Were you consistent?
How many hours per day can you allocate for trading? *
Why do you want to join our mentorship program? What expectations do you have? *
What would you do with the money that you gain from Forex if you will become profitable? *
When will you consider that you ,,made it'' in trading? *
What are your goals when it comes to trading? *
Leave your email address in order to contact you if you are selected.You can leave as well one of your social medias where you are active more but the main communication will be through email (Insta, Telegram,Discord). Thank you! *
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