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Welcome to the IFS Editorial Assistance Request Page. The goal of this program is to provide editorial comments and feedback on final drafts of peer-reviewed manuscripts from fisheries scientists with English as a second or foreign language. The service is only to provide assistance and will not influence the acceptance of manuscript to a journal when submitted.

If you are a fisheries scientist with English as a second or foreign language and wish to receive feedback on a manuscript, please fill out the form below. After you have submitted the form, you will be contacted with further instructions.

The International Fisheries Section reserves the right to refuse any requests and priority will be given to International Fisheries Section members, members of the American Fisheries Society, or manuscripts intended for American Fisheries Society journals.

Note: We encourage everyone to go to the AFS website Writing Tool website pages ( A style guide is available for download to assist authors and copy editors in putting manuscripts into a final form.
Editorial Assistance Request Form
To request assistance with English editing for fisheries related manuscripts, please fill out this form.
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You will be contacted within one week at the email address provided above. Thank you.
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