Landlord Tenant Law Quiz
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1. The Ohio Landlord Tenant Law is found at Ohio Revised Code Chapter *
What is the chapter number for "Landlords and Tenants"
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2. One of these things is NOT a landlord duty under OLLTL *
3. One of these things is NOT a tenants duty under OLLTL *
4. According to the landlord tenant law, If ownership of the rental property changes hands, a tenant must move *
5. If a property is foreclosed, a tenant must move. *
6. OLLTL says that a tenant on a year lease must give 30 days notice at the end of the lease in order to get her/his security deposit back. *
7. Tenant can't get Security Deposit returned if she/he doesn't give a written forwarding address. *
8. Who decides what is 'reasonable' heat in the wintertime? *
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9. Tenant has the right to sublease unless: *
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10. Every tenant in Ohio has one. *
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11. One of these is NOT a step in the eviction process. *
12. Tenant who breaks a lease is obligated for the balance of the amount on the lease *
13. When a tenant on a year lease goes to a nursing home the lease is automatically terminated. *
14. “Landlord” is defined in the OLLTL as only the owner of the property. *
15. One of these is not a legal roommate *
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