Digital Media Survey for Parents
Thank you in advance for completing this survey! My name is Jill Walsh and I am a professor at Boston University. My research focuses on tween/teen digital and social media use and I will be presenting my research at a parent workshop on April 3rd. In order to help me create a program that addresses your needs and interests, please answer this survey truthfully. The more detail and thought you can provide in your answers, the better I can tailor the session. The survey is designed to take 10 minutes and survey answers are completely anonymous. I will share the aggregate data with with you in our session, but no answers will be linked to specific individuals. Thank you for your help!
In what grade(s) is your child/children? *
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Please list the top 3 things you would like to learn about/learn more about regarding your child's digital and social media use. *
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Below are some of the digital platforms your child may be using. Please indicate how often you think your child uses these during their day (please consider both home and school use). If you have more than one child, please think of your oldest child's tech use. *
I don't know
Video Games
Social Media (i.e., Snapchat, Instagram)
Blogging (i.e., Tumblr, Wordpress)
Netflix/Other streaming services
Do you have family rules regarding technology use? *
Below are some of the digital platforms your children may use now or in the future. Please indicate the ones you would like to learn more about to help you navigate this experience with your child/children. *
Do you feel that you have a good sense of what your child/children are doing in the digital space? *
How comfortable do you feel talking with your child/children about their digital/social media use? *
How much time per day do you think your child spends in front of a screen for non-school related purposes? *
Do you think digital/social media impacts your child/children's academic performance? *
Do you think digital/social media impacts your child/children's social relationships? *
Below is a list of topics often associated with teens' digital technology use. Using the grid below, please indicate your level of concern about each topic for your child/children. Please mark only one oval. *
Not at all concerned
Somewhat concerned
Moderately concerned
Very concerned
Extremely concerned
Lack of face-to-face peer connection
Effects on attention span
Impact on sleep
Technology addiction
Exposure to explicit content
Please feel free to write anything else you think I should consider or know about as I develop the programming.
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Thank you very much for completing this survey!
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