2020 Nakayoshi Gakko Sempai Applicant Reference Form
Thank you for your time in completing this reference form for the Applicant. Your insight is important in assisting Nakayoshi Gakko in determining the acceptance of the Applicant as a Nakayoshi Gakko Sempai.

Please answer all questions below to the best of your abilities by Sunday, February 16th.

Sempai Responsibilities Overview:
The Sempai position assists teachers, parents and most importantly, the children at Nakayoshi Gakko (incoming 1st - 8th graders). The most crucial role is that of a Role Model. The children will look up to them, learn from them, and most importantly, feel that they have something to offer.
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1) Based on the responsibilities outlined for a Sempai, do you feel that this Applicant can successfully complete these duties? Why or why not? *
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