Petition to Stay the Destruction of Senior House Artwork
Students, faculty, administrators, and anyone who feels that a decades-old piece of MIT's history, enshrined in beautifully and cooperatively executed work of art, should be given serious consideration before completely erased - please sign this letter to grant an emergency stay to the decision to paint over all murals in Senior Haus.

To see the art that is at risk of hasty erasure:
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Keep Senior Haus murals until new residents have moved in.
To Whom It May Concern:

We are writing as current members of the MIT community to request that the wall murals at 70 Amherst St be preserved until new residents move in. Based on the information that we have, we believe that the murals are imminently slated to be painted over and lost. Those of us who are prospective residents ourselves have been indicated in the list of signers.

We believe that there is significant artistic, cultural, and historical value in this artwork, and that it can continue to enrich the atmosphere for residents moving forward. MIT itself has even recognized the murals with a Wiesner Student Art Award. We are thankful that the administration has been cooperative in allowing these works of art to be documented. Even better, however, would be if they were allowed to remain until the Fall semester; a rushed decision to paint over all murals puts too much artistic and historical value at risk. If the new residents do not want to keep them, then by all means, the space should be made to suit their needs and preferences. Giving them the choice, however, would do honor to the artworks' ability to attest to their own value.

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