2019 2nd Street Festival Philadelphia: Food Vendor Registration
Sunday, August 4th, 2019

12pm to 10pm

This is for FOOD VENDORS ONLY. Arts and Craft vendors please fill out the art and craft vendor application.

There is a $15 application fee to apply to be a part of this festival.

NO ELECTRICITY will be provided this year. If you would like to rent a generator, we can put you in touch with our rental company and you can make arrangements.

There are additional fees and licensing for non-permanent vendors from the City of Philadelphia. These include Health Department permits range from $48-150 and possibly a $150 L&I license, for which you will also need to be in tax compliance with the city.

You are responsible for filing and paying for these fees prior to the festival. If you are not up to date on the necessary fees and permits you will not be permitted to set up the day of the festival.

If you are accepted, the 2nd Street Festival will send you the Health Department permit application to fill out and file.

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