Inktober - sponsor a pic!
This year I'm going to be using Inktober to help raise funds towards a honeymoon, so I'm auctioning off my Inktober days. To buy a day, please fill in the form below with details for what kind of art you'd like and either EFT or Paypal your chosen amount using your name as reference!

Since I work during the week, please bear in mind that the artwork I create will be done in 1 – 2 hours, aside from weekends. Those giving the largest donations will be awarded weekend spots where I will spend more time on the artworks (it’s only fair)

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What would you like a picture of? (Feel free to give a few ideas or leave blank)
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Tell me about the kind of art you like:
For Inktober I have to use ink, but I can use ballpoint, fineliner, actual ink, or copic markers. Feel free to talk about media, styles or favourite artists below or leave blank for dealer's choice :)
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Delivery method
While I love posting physical things to people, it will cost me R15 to send the picture locally and R40 ($3) to send it internationally, so your pledge would need to be at least that amount to cover the cost of shipping. Unfortunately our postal service can be quite unreliable, so if you select the postage option you will also receive the scan just in case!
Payment method
Once you have submitted the form, I will send you the payment details for your requested method.
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Terms and conditions
1. Since our postage is unreliable, unfortunately some pictures may be lost in the mail. If this happens, I will not be able to replace the piece, but you will still receive the digital scan.
2. If for some reason (such as illness) I cannot complete your image during the month of October, I will complete it as soon as I am able. A sponsorship guarantees you a picture!
3. By sponsoring the day, you are paying for the time that I take to complete the artwork. While I will endeavor to make every artwork as awesome as possible, unfortunately there can be no refunds if you are unhappy with the final result. This is not meant to be a substitute for commissioning an illustrator.
4. There are only 31 days available and these will be awarded to those who pay first. Submission of this form alone does not guarantee an artwork.
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