3. Fragility liberates
One day the pilgrim rebelled. "How far am I supposed to go still? What's behind that mountain? When is the next oasis? I don't know how long my journey will take, I can’t be sure my companions won’t leave me on the way. Why am I supposed to live with that constant uncertainty? Why cannot I control everything? I don't want to be a pilgrim anymore! Now I want to be the way! I want to know the beginning and end! I want to know what's behind each corner! I want to plan my future and be sure it's going to happen! I don't want to have to rely on anyone!"

Who believed themselves to be self-sufficient, invincible and deserving of everything? We did. We treated life not as a gift but as property. "Mine". Now it turns out that nothing is mine. Not even life. I planned to be a football player, where I'm going on holiday, where I'm going to study, who I'm going to be. And now I don't even know if I am going to be here tomorrow. Eventually you can snap out of that illusion and face the truth. You do not deserve anything. Everything is a gift. Wake up. You are just a passer-by on this Earth.

You can do this exercise using a computer, tablet or phone. You need a peaceful place and at least 15 minutes. After the Exercise there will be a kind of anonymous sharing to get inspired by others. At the beginning:
Have a seat in a peaceful place...
Take a few deep breaths...
Say "yes" to everything that comes from within you...

Artur Pruś SJ (arczi@jesuits.net)
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