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The winner stands a chance to fly to Zimbabwe (all expense paid) and hand over the Man of The Match Awards for one of the six matches minimum three winners to be selected.

Buy Killer Merchandise from any Killer Exclusive Store, K-Lounge Store, Or From any online portal like Myntra, Flipkart, PayTM, Amazon & submit the invoice number in the comments below.

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Terms & Conditions

1. The Contest is being organized by KEWAL KIRAN CLOTHING LIMITED having their registered address at 460/7, I.B. Patel Road, Near WEH., Goregaon East, Mumbai-400063 (herein after referred to as the company/KKCL/organiser)through its Killer Exclusive & K-Lounge Stores, for a period 10 Days starting from 2nd June, 2016 to 11th June, 2016.

2. The Contest is open for all Customers who satisfy the eligibility criteria mentioned below and who are Legal Residents of India.

3. Contest shall be subject to the following terms and conditions (hereinafter referred to as “Terms”). The Customers agree to abide by these Terms in its entirety. If any K-Lounge/Killer customer does not agree to any of the Terms, such Customer is advised to not participate in the Contest. Organizer, reserves the right to modify the Terms at any time, without notice. Contest is valid only for K-Lounge/Killer Customers.

4. For the purposes of these Terms and Conditions, wherever the context so requires “You” or “Your” shall mean any natural person who is a Customer.

5. Also, by participating in this Contest, You: Warrant the accuracy, truthfulness and currency of all information that You may have submitted; Customer shall mean the rightful buyer of merchandise from K-Lounge/Killer physical stores or any of Killer Merchandise from any of the online portals.Agree that You are entering into this Contest as an independent party and nothing herein establishes an employer-employee relationship between You and K-Lounge/Killer or between You and any KKCL employee and You are acting voluntarily, using Your own time and resources to participate in the Contest, solely at Your own risk; and Warrant that prior to playing the Contest, it shall be deemed that You have read, understood and have agreed to be bound by the Terms and Conditions herein.

6. Participation in the Contest will be construed as an acknowledgment and acceptance of the Terms and Conditions set out herein and You further agree to be bound by the Terms and Conditions stated herein.

7. These Terms and Conditions are available onsite at K-Lounge/Killer Stores or online portals of Killer. The Terms and Conditions can be amended or varied from time to time or withdrawn and therefore, please visit/call the store to keep Yourself updated and informed.

8. Procedure and Eligibility to participate in the Contest: Contest shall be valid only for Customers who are:
a. Above 18 or at least 18 years of age;
b. A resident of India;
c. Neither prosecuted nor convicted for committing any criminal offence or abetment thereof;
d. Not suffering from any legal disability e.g. insolvency, restraint by court etc; and
e. Not have any outstanding dues payable to K-Lounge/Killer anywhere in India.
f.Customer shall be the buyer of merchandise from K-Lounge/Killer.

9. Further, the Customers who participate in the Contest and are chosen as winners of each category of prize in accordance with the winner selection process under the Terms and Conditions of the Contest shall be required to be the registered with K-Lounge/Killer India (“Winner”). If the Winner is not able to provide sufficient evidence to show that he/she is the
Customer of the store, the Organizer reserves the right to award the prize to the next eligible Winner or to forfeit the prize, at its sole discretion.

10. Employees and relatives of employees of K-Lounge/Killer shall not be eligible to participate in the Contest.


i. Each Contest will have a start and end date with time. To participate in Contest, Customers have to be the rightful owners of goods from K-Lounge/Killer. The selection for the winner of the Contest shall take place within 2 (Two) business days from the end of the Contest Period. Only those Customers who have submitted the duly filled contest form along with the relevant documents shall be eligible for a lucky draw. The winners will be declared by an auditor appointed by an Organizer. The decisions of the independent auditor shall be final and binding for this Contest. Page 1 of 3
ii. It is clarified that the winning Customer shall be entitled to the Prize on the winning voucher only, irrespective of whether he or she has submitted valid single or multiple contest forms for the same contest.

12. The winning Customer shall be required to produce their identity proof to claim the winning prize. The documents required to be submitted along with the claim by the winning Customer shall include the following (the document list is only inclusive and not exhaustive) and Organizer, at their sole discretion may insist on such further proof as it may deem fit:
a. Identity Proof
b. Address Proof
c. Pan Card/Passport copy

13. Organizer shall provide the prize to the winning Customer within 2 days of intimation to the winning Customer. The winning Customer would need to claim/accept the prize within 2 days from the date of declaration of/intimation to the winning Customer and the winner Customer shall be solely liable to bear any cost that may be incurred by him / her, in
collecting / availing the prize. If the prize is not claimed by the winning Customer within 2 (two) days from the date of notification by Organizer, for any reason(s) whatsoever, Organizer shall be entitled to forfeit the prize. Organizer’s right to forfeit the prize as stated herein shall include without limitation cases where the mobile number supplied by winning
the Customer is incorrect, suspended, and hacked or not in use. The cost of the tour package will be borne by K-Lounge/Killer store solely upto the value of the air fare, accommodation and travel to the venue, all the other relevant costs shall be borne by the contest winner. The relevant documents for procurement of the prize from the showroom shall be the sole responsibility of the contest winner, In case of non compliance/s by the contest winner to the requirement/s of the travel & tours company or the country of destination the prize awarded to the contest winner may be witheld by the contest organiser.

14. Organizer shall under no circumstance be liable to exchange the Prize for cash or kind. The prizes offered in this Contest will be sponsored and distributed by K-Lounge/Killer or designated third party.

16. However, K-Lounge/Killer reserves the right to substitute and/ or change the Terms and/ or prize, without any prior intimation or notice to the Customers and/ or winner Customer as the case may be.

17. K-Lounge/Killer shall not be liable for any delay or loss that may accrue in the delivery of the prize.

18. The Customers and Winners hereby irrevocably authorize K-Lounge/Killer and its subsidiaries, to use the data gathered during and/or after the Contest in respect of the Customers (including Customer name and photograph etc.) in any of its communications including marketing promotions and advertisements along with or without K-Lounge/Killer.

19. K-Lounge/Killer may at their sole discretion choose to publish the name, photograph and /or contact particulars of the winner(s) on their Website and/or any other publicity media that K-Lounge/Killer may at its sole discretion choose to employ without any further compensation to the winning Customer. The winning Customer waives his/her right to
object to such publication and by participating in this deal he/she grants K-Lounge/Killer the right to use his/her name, photograph and contact particulars for the above mentioned purpose.

20. The Contest is subject to the laws of India and all disputes arising hereunder shall be subject to the jurisdiction of Courts of Daman.

21. K-Lounge/Killer reserves the right to amend, modify, cancel, update or withdraw this Contest at any time without notice.

22. By participating in this deal, all eligible Customers agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions, the Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and other relevant documentation that are available onsite/online. All participant Customers are requested to review and understand the Terms before entering the Transaction.

23. Contest is valid subject to the winning Customer complying with all Terms and Conditions contained herein, as required by K-Lounge/Killer. Any failure on the part of the Customer to comply with the any specified Terms contained herein shall disqualify such Customer.

24. K-Lounge/Killer reserves the right to extend, cancel, discontinue, prematurely withdraw, postpone, change, alter or modify Contest “ KILLER CUP” or any part thereof including the eligibility criteria at its sole discretion at anytime during its validity as may be required in view of business exigencies shall be binding on the Customer.

25. K-Lounge/Killer reserves the right, at any time, to unconditionally disqualify any Customer who tampers with or who in any way abuses the process or Terms and Conditions of the Contest. Failure by K-Lounge/Killer to enforce any of their
rights at any stage does not constitute a waiver of those rights.

26. The existence of a dispute, if any, regarding the Prize shall not constitute any claim against Kewal Kiran Clothing limited/K-Lounge/Killer.

27. Contest “ KILLER CUP” is subject to force majeure circumstances i.e. Act of God or any circumstance beyond the reasonable control of K-Lounge/Killer. K-Lounge/Killer shall not be liable for any failure to comply with its obligations where the failure is caused by something outside its reasonable control. Such circumstances shall include, but not be limited to, weather conditions, fire, flood, hurricane, strike, industrial dispute, war, hostilities, political unrest, riots, civil commotion, inevitable accidents, supervening legislation or any other circumstances amounting to force majeure.
28. The Customers participating in the Contest shall indemnify and keep indemnified K-Lounge/Killer and their officers, directors, employees, customers, affiliates and agents harmless from and against any and all claims, losses, suits, proceedings, action, liabilities, damages, expenses and costs (including attorney’s fees and court costs) which K-Lounge/Killer India may incur, pay or become responsible for as a result of breach or alleged breach of the representations or obligations of the Customers, any failure by the Customers participating in the Contest to comply with applicable law and any third party claim in respect of misuse of any information of a third party. K-Lounge/Killer shall have the right to defend themselves, pursuant to this Clause, at the cost of the Customers. K-Lounge/Killer or their respective affiliates shall not be responsible for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, punitive or consequential damages, including loss of profits,
incurred by the Winner or any third party or otherwise in connection with the Contest.

29. The prize is non-transferable, non-negotiable, subject to availability and there will be no cash alternative. K-Lounge/Killer reserve the right to substitute Prizes of equal or greater value, at any time.

30. The prize(s) to the Winners shall be given subject to compliance with all applicable statutory legislations, processes and formalities in connection with the prize(s) and on production of all such documents or papers as may be required by the K-Lounge/Killer before accepting the delivery of the prize.

31. K-Lounge/Killer neither takes responsibility nor guarantee for the quality of the goods / services being provided as prizes nor is it liable for any defect or deficiency of goods or services so obtained/availed, by the Customers under the Contest “ KILLER CUP” contest.

32. There shall be no roll-over of prizes in case the winner Customer is not eligible. A Customer shall not be considered eligible if he/she does not conform to the Terms as stipulated above.

33. Income tax, gift tax or any other statutory taxes, duties or levies as may be applicable from time to time, arising out of prize, which shall be solely borne by the winning Customer for the prize that has been won.

34. The winning Customer will be requisitioned to pay for the TDS (Tax Deducted at Source) applicable for the prizes won.

35. Organizer will not be liable for any damage or loss (including but not limited to indirect or consequential loss) arising from personal injury or death, or damage to property, which is suffered or sustained in connection with Contest.

36. Winning Customer shall be intimated by the K-Lounge/Killer directly. Organizer shall not entertain any questions, correspondence, enquiries on the manner of conducting the Contest and grant of prizes from any person, whatsoever.

37. Apart from the entitlement to the prize, the Winning Customer or his/her legal heirs will have no other rights or claims against K-Lounge/Killer.

38. Any attempt by a Customer to deliberately undermine the legitimate operation of the Contest is a violation of laws and should such an attempt be made, K-Lounge/Killer reserve the right to seek damages from any such Customer to the fullest
extent permitted by law.

39. In case of any dispute or difference in respect of this Contest, the decision of K-Lounge/Killer shall be final and binding on all concerned.

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