Bay Area WiMLDS 2019 Scikit-learn Sprint Feedback
Thank you for joining us at the scikit-learn open source sprint.

Kindly take a minute to give us feedback on how the sprint went as this will help us to better plan for future events.

Your feedback is anonymous, if you wish.
Bay Area 2019 Sprint
Which event did you attend?
Did you donate to NumFOCUS?
Did the open source sprint prompt you to donate to NumFOCUS?
How would you rate the overall experience at scikit-learn sprint?
Could be better
It was amazing!!
How likely are you to attend future sprints
Not likely
Definitely count me in!
What feedback do you have on scheduling, from 9am to 6pm?
Did you learn anything new?
Where did you find out about the scikit-learn sprint?
Did you network and meet many new people?
Will you keep contributing to the scikit-learn library?
Will you be sharing the sprint details and your experiences with others?
What was your experience setting up the virtual environment?
How was your open source contributing experience at this sprint relative to your expectation?
Were you able to submit a PR?
What are your favorite parts about the sprint?
What could have worked better at the sprint?
Include here anything else you have on your mind. Tell us about your personal experience, discuss topics of diversity and inclusion, any code of conduct issues, anything we missed out, things we can do better, comments on our blog posts and messaging, your vision for the future of the scikit-learn sprint and its location, anything!
OPTIONAL: If you wish, include your name and email.
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