Zarnok Fortress Feature Request
What feature(s) would you most like to see in Zarnok Fortress? The features on this form are all being considered and could make their way into the game post launch. The most popular features will get priority.
Local Co-op
Tackle the Zarnok Fortress co-operatively with a Second player (would require 2 controllers)
Digital Environment
Digital Environment Challenges
Tackle a series of challenge levels in the Digital Environment
Control Templates
Quickly swap between pre-made control templates.
Gauntlet Mode
A new play mode which takes you on a carefully crafted linear tour through all the game's levels. No backtracking, no sabotaging, but features limited Lives. You will be able to save your progress. (Essentially takes the levels of Zarnok Fortress and makes them into a more traditional level-based game experience)
RPG Mode
A new play mode which removes the time limit and allows you use Crafting to buy permanent upgrades to Robo. Boost the number of Grenades you carry, add recharging shields, all sorts of new abilities will be yours to explore!
Crafting would play a much larger role in RPG Mode
Racing Ghosts
Race against a "ghost" created out of a previously successful run of a path through a level. Watch the "ghost" to learn techniques used to get through the level and see if you can match, or outmatch it.
Free Play Mode
Jump to any door of any level without needing to play through the game to get to it! Re-play your favorite moments from the game instantly.
Hats (player customization)
Swap out Robo's helmet, or change the style and color of his armor by finding hidden unlocks throughout the game. How does a cowboy hat, and hot pink racing stripes sound? Awful? Awesome? It's up to you!
Grab items which enemies drop for temporary boosts to Robo's abilities! Go berserk with an Overcharged Laser or run recklessly through hazards with Invincibility (more to be announced)
Other Feature?
Have an idea for a feature? Submit it here. If enough people request it, it will be added to this list
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