Custom reference sheet
A build your own reference! These are for characters who are already existing and already have designs made for them, or are extremely simple (ex: all white + blue eyes). Design elements (ex: revamping a character) are not included in these prices, and would add on to the total starting at +$25
Filling out this form does not guarantee work! This form is meant to help me keep your info in one place and to accurately give you a quote. Finalization of the orders details will be done through noting/emailing/however we've been communicating, and a paypal invoice will only be sent once everything has been talked about and confirmed with you!

You can change the details of your order at any time before I begin on it! Filling out this form does not mean that I'll invoice you immediately after or anything!
Please zoom in (ctrl + scroll up on your mouse wheel for windows) to see the images in full size on your browser, or, alternatively, having a browser extension like imagus will let you see them in full size by hovering over them with your mouse! I don't know why Google forms doesn't let you click on the images to view them in a larger size, sorry for the inconvenience!
Answers marked with a red * next to their name are required! All others without the * are not required to have an answer! In other words, not all questions are required.
Please provide me with an email address that I can send the paypal invoice to after we've finalized your orders details *
If you're from Furaffinity or Deviantart, what is your username?
Please provide me with a clear, unshaded, preferably side-view image of your character as a url link to the image. You may provide multiple images! *
Please describe your characters body type/fur length! Ex: muscular with long fur, thin with short fur, etc *
Please describe your characters personality, or tell me a bit about them! It'll help me sketch and paint them, if from scratch.
The below options (by default) come with texture/shading and a cutout/flat copy in addition.
The prices below will give you texture/detail/shading as well as a cutout (flat color) view! This includes both fullbodies and headshots.

If you'd like, for example, one 3/4 fullbody view with texture/shading and a detailed 3/4 view headshot, but the fullbody side view and front-facing headshot to be flat, then that can be done! Just tell me about it in the very last question on the form. Flat/untextured options are usually much cheaper because they require a lot less time to do.

A note on movement: poses of characters in references are generally standing still, but can walk/trot/run as well.
Please select all fullbody options you'd like to have: *
For non-base fullbodies: if you have specific poses you'd like to see your character's fullbodies in, you may describe or provide references to them here! Ex: trotting with a snarly grin, standing and glaring at viewer, etc
For non-base headshots:
Headshots will be given to you as pngs with and without backgrounds! You'll have a copy that goes on the ref sheet (transparent background) as well as a copy that can stand alone as its own art (grayscale background).

For base headshots:
You'll get their png without a background!
Please select the headshot options you'd like to have (if any):
For non-base headshots: if you have any specific expressions or moods you'd like your characters headshot to portray, please describe them here!
Would you like any of these extras added to the order?
What name and other info would you like me to type on the sheet, if any? (example: info on their species, (ex: Mackenzie valley wolf), height/weight, sex, personality)
If you have any other comments, descriptions, ideas, or anything not listed above, please use this space here to write!
Please read through this below link from my rules and terms of service for an FAQ styled page answering common questions!

In the TOS you'll find info relevant to:
The types of files you'll receive
Sketches, nitpicking, and very specific or picky clients
Requesting multiple edits during an order and the fees relating to them
The type of images I need to begin working
Payment, payment plans
Stuff you can do with your final product, stuff you can't do
My rights to the art
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